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Iconic Dream Away Lodge Is For Sale
Commercial Property
List Price: $1,250,000
Under Contract
THE ICONIC DREAM AWAY LODGE is being offered for sale for the first time in 25 years! Yes, the restaurant on a hill in Becket in the middle of the woods surrounded by State Forest where for decades some of the best food, best parties, best music and best memories have been made!! Become the next steward of this landmark and carry on the legend with your own dream! The restaurant, business, furnishings and goodwill are included in the offering. For a detailed history of the property & details of the current business visit
Additional Information
Address: 1342 County Rd, Becket, MA
Acreage: 43.25 Acre(s)
Listing Date: March 11, 2021
MLS ID#: 233628
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